Little Kids Roller Skating at Skate Zone 71 in Columbus, OH
Great for ages 2-8 years old and beginner skaters of all ages



Kids of all ages LOVE Roller Skating at United Skates! Our 12:00pm to 3:00pm skate session every Saturday is great for beginner skaters of all ages and also great for children ranging in age 2-8 years olds.

United Skates offers rental skates of ALL Sizes, starting with adjustable Fisher-Price skates for toddlers. Our Fisher-Price Skates are perfect for first time skaters; they allow children to skate through 3 stages. Stage 1, allows children to learn to walk in the skates and get the feel for roller skates. Stage 2, children may have the wheels adjust to only roll forward but not back. And stage 3, is freewheeling fun!

United Skates also offers Skate Mate Rentals to children of all ages! Our skate mates allow children to become confident in roller skating. Skate Mates help children balance and learn to skate independently. They come in multiple sizes based on the height of the child.

Adults are welcome to walk with their children on the skate floor. We please ask that you wear tennis shoes on our wood floor.

Ask us about our Skate Lessons. Lessons are designed for all levels of ability (beginners to advance). CLICK HERE for more information about Skating Lessons.

United Skates also offers a full-service cafe with lunch and dinner specials! We have great fresh-made pizza, pretzels, hot dogs, coca-cola products, and more!

Our friendly staff is focused on safety first. We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy yourself and have some fun together!